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COVID-19 consultations
“During the current time of the corona virus pandemic and social and self isolation I am offering consultations online via Zoom, or WhatApp video to existing patients.  If you are affected financially by the pandemic and you are an existing patient, i.e. you have seen me previously, you can contact me for a consultation if you need to and pay whatver you can afford, even if that is nothing.”

Under normal circumstances, but especially now, maintenance and improvement of our health is an ongoing process.  In my practise I have witnessed thousands of men, women and children engaged in this process. Good homeopathic treatment should show clear and early signs of progress.  Often this can start very quickly, within minutes, hours or a few days.  My goal for chronic long-standing problems is always to see at least a 50% improvement in the first month.  I now believe true healing and personal growth needs to be a process that we are engaged in over our whole lifetime, maybe not constantly, but certainly revisited often.  For instance I have noticed that people who do best come back and see me at least once a year, even if it’s only to tell me how well they are doing!  We are literally never done, there is always more, which is great!  For me personally this process has meant I have honestly been able to say in every decade of my life since my 30’s “this is the best I have ever felt”.   This is my goal for you.

We compartmentalise our lives as if one of part our life is completely separate from the next; our worklife, our home life, our worries, our friends, things we like and don’t like, and so on.   Likewise we view our our body as different areas and systems, each spearate from the next; we have our skin, our heart, liver, kidneys, arms, legs, hair, nails, etc; we have a pain in our arm, a headache, eczema on our hands etc, all of which are unrelated to our diet or our emotions.

Of course this is one way of looking at life, and at a certain level it makes sense.  But there is usually another part of us that feels something is missing with this fragmented view, part of us that knows there is something else. This is the sense that we are part of something bigger, that we are connected to something we cannot name perhaps, ultimately that we are all one, that everything is connected to everything else, though in a subtle way.

You may have noticed sometimes that even things that at first sight seem obvious, later reveal themselves to be different from how they first appeared.  For instance it may appear that your problems are mainly caused by outside influences, other people, things, circumstances etc.  Another way of looking at life is to look at your beliefs and expectations, and realise that is is our own beliefs and expectations that cause most of our problems.  If we can learn to accept what life brings, that life is designed to give us problems, that this is all normal, then life gets much easier.  If we can learn to love ourselves and others, welcome difficulty, treat others as we wish to be treated, act with kindness and dignity, and reduce the inner and outer critic, we will be much happier, and most likely begin to be healthier.  The mind and the body are not separate, and the mind must be observed to have a happy healthy life.  I love the quote, “an unobserved mind is like an unruly teenager”, and the phrase “letting go of the tendency to want things to be a certain way” from the book “How to find peace in a frantic world” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.  Here are some useful free tools I have put together to help if you wish to begin or continue on this journey.

Meditation Qigong Tai Chi

I have been meditating on and off since my mid 30’s.  These days every morning I meditate for around 20 minutes.  I also practise Qi Gong and Tai Chi daily and now teach a weekly class both in Qigong and meditation. I find both an invaluable part of my daily life, in helping to look after my energy and my awareness.  Of course I also take homeopathic remedies when necessary, and have invariably found homeopathy an essential part of my own health and wellbeing management. The therapy is primarily aimed at stimulating the person’s own energetic system to enhance their own ability to heal themselves (9).  We do this by identifying the cause and treating that as well as the symptoms.

Anyone can use homeopathy. It is safe, gentle and can be used alongside conventional treatment, in fact I always advise patients to continue their conventional medicine when they begin homeopathic treatment. People have usually seen their GP first, and seek homeopathic treatment, either because they continue to have symptoms, or they have unwanted side effects from the drugs. Sometimes people come to see a homeopath just because they feel unwell, and their pattern of symptoms does does fit into a particular diagnosis. I see homeopathic treatment as being complementary to conventional treatment. If the result is that the patient is free from taking any medicine, so much the better, this is the aim whenever possible. People seeing a homeopath may come with various diagnoses including: allergies, eczema, migraines, children’s problems – both behavioural & physical, and hormonal problems. People may have suffered a bereavement, had a bad shock, or had an experience they are having trouble coping with. Other conditions presenting may be: arthritis, coughs, dermatitis, eating disorders, hay fever, headaches, hyperactivity, menopause, nausea, panic attacks, post-viral syndrome, PMT, psoriasis, recurrent infections, rhinitis, sinusitis, skin problems, stress, tiredness and vomiting. Ideally homoeopathic remedies are taken alone, in practice, people who are taking conventional drugs, are advised to take them alongside the homeopathic remedy, until such time as, with the agreement of their GP this is no longer necessary.


Homeopathy is a safe gentle, yet dynamic therapy, that is both reliable and easy to administer. The medicines are given in either sucrose pills, or in liquid form, and may be safely taken with orthodox medicines. Because of the ultra high dilutions (above 12c potency) often used in homeopathy there can be no drug interactions when using potentised homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is so safe and gentle it can be used from birth onwards, and is also safe to use in pregnancy.


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 Millions of people, every day, benefit from Homeopathic treatment.(1) (6) (7)

“Homeopathy works in a non-violent way, and helps a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment.” 8
-Mahatma Gandhi-

bottleflowerOver the course of the last 30 years since first discovering homeopathy for myself, I have seen thousands of people benefit. Homeopathy takes into account everything about the person and their illness. Human beings are so much more than the sum of our parts, and we can be affected by many things. Homeopathy takes account of this sensitivity and seeks to put people back to the level of health they once enjoyed. Strength with flexibilty and optimum health is the goal of my practice.  To give people better balance in their energy and their lives.


Good homeopathic treatment is all about observation, communication and above all listening. During a homeopathic consultation I listen, and by taking a case history, we have a “homeopathic conversation”. With babies and children this often involves listening a lot to mum or dad, as well as talking to and observing the childs behaviour. A homeopathic conversation is one where the patient is encouraged to look at all the factors that may influence their health. These may include hereditory factors, real life situation as well as the current symptoms and medical history. Human beings are very strong and adaptable and are also very sensitive. We work best when our strength and sensitivity is in balance with our strength. I have often said that I think there are 5 pillars of health: good relationships, good diet, physical exercise, good housing, and good medicine. Homeopathic medicines can be taken alongside conventional treatment, it is not a case of either or. Please allow up to 90 minutes for a first adult consultation, and an hour for children.

Annabel Croft on Homeopathy


After 9 years of practice in 1997, I did an audit on my practice. Results showed that 90% of patients who attended 3 times over a 3 month period, showed between 50% & 100% improvement, both in their sense of well being, and in their main complaint. My results to date are similar, or better!  See above for conditions.


Also see the research page on this website for more evidence of the success and reliability of homeopathy.


In Homeopathy we do not treat diseases per se, we treat the people who are suffering from diseases. The Homeopathic remedy aims to cause a reaction in the patient, the reaction intensifies the patient’s response to the problem. Professor George Vithoulkas recently stated that Homeopathy is the deepest and yet most gentle stimulation possible for the human immune system (it also works on animals). Medicines have always been used in a homeopathic way, though the term homeopathy is only a little over 200 years old. It literally means treating like with like. Although the body is always trying balance itself, it sometimes mounts an incorrect healing response, or “runs the wrong program”. It seems that often our bodies will run “old programs” that they have previously found effective in similar circumstances. This may then lead to a pattern where the same symptoms keep recurring, with the body seemingly unable to help itself etc The homeopathic remedy seems to give the body the correct information, so that it can make a better healing response, or adapt better to the problem. The result is a usually a reduction in symptoms and a feeling of increased well-being, as the body begins to cure itself.


The initial problem may be resolved with the first treatment. Typically three visits are necessary, at monthly intervals. Many people having experienced the good results of homeopathy, make it their medicine of choice.


Tablet/ pilule form:

Remedies should not be handled, except by the patient. This avoids the risk of spoiling the remedy. They may however be crushed between two teaspoons for infants. Remedies should be dissolved under the tongue, rather than swallowed, and no food or drink taken for at least 15 minutes either side of remedy.

Liquid Remedies in general:

Take the vial or pillule you have been sent and dissolve it in a 500ml bottle of previously boiled, or spring water.  Sip the water throughout the day, shaking the bottle between sips.  When you get down to 1 inch of water refill the bottle.  Continue to take the remedy in this way as long as you feel it is beneficial.

Liquid form (LM potency)

Sometimes a liquidmay be prescribed in LM potency. Place 3 drops in half a glass of previously boiled or spring water. Stir the glass, and take one teaspoon of the mixture. Discard the rest. If no ill effects are noted, this dose may be taken direct from the bottle after a few days, and increased to twice daily to speed recovery. Tap the bottle on the palm 8 times between doses.

Coffee, mint, and strong smelling medicinal substances, such as camphor,eucalyptus, etc. should be avoided between appointments, as these can antidote the remedy.

It is my experience that the positive healing response from a single homeopathic treatment can continue for several weeks, or even months.


Early in the day is the best time to phone (before 9.30). Please say if your call is urgent.

Cancellations: Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged.

Insurance: Click here for a list of companies who cover homeopathic treatment

Telephone & Skype appointments:

For calls of less than 5 minutes no charge. Where a remedy is prescribed for an acute problem (colds etc.)£15. For telephone appointments which replace a face to face consultation, the normal fee applies. Skype consultations also available at the same rate as the local clinic rate.


“The main thing is to see a good homeopath” – George Vithoulkas

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Notes: I encourage my patients to maintain contact with their GP. Conventionally prescribed medicines should only be stopped after consultation with the original prescriber. It is safe to take homeopathic medicines alongside most conventional treatment.
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9 Hahnemann S. The organon of Medicine (Preface to the 4th Edition)

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