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Why consider homeopathic treatment?


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I have practised homeopathic medicine for over 30 years now, treating many thousands of people from all walks of life and all ages, from babies to people in their ’90’s.  During that time I have a amassed a wealth of experience seen a wide range of pathologies improve, from childhood eczema to healthy skin, to adults to have simply lost their way in life and helped them rediscover their path. I have recently completed my first stage of a one year training course in Cranio Sacral Therapy with CCST.  One of the side effects of the study is to have reawakened my enthusiasm for what the right homeopathic medicine can do for someone, it’s a bit like being a born again homeopath!  So after taking a big step back from practice over the last couple of years, post covid, I am once again seeing new clients.  The 2nd module of my CranioSacral course which is facial unwinding, takes place at the end of October. If you would like some cranio sacral treatment included in your homeopathy session, and you have been treated by me previously, let me know.  This would be free of charge and part of a homeopathy consultation, for which the usual fee would apply.  If you have been previously treated but would like to see me in Teddington for a free taster session of cranio sacral therapy, please contact me.

In 2015 I qualified to teach Qigong.  For 7 years I have taught a Qigong class in Horsham, which is no longer running as of October 2023. Both qigong and tai chi are whole body execise systems that encourage the natural energies in our body to flow in the right way for optimum movement and health.  Both are complementary to homeopathic treatment, as well as being stand alone systems in their own right.

I have seen thousands of people benefit from homeopathy over the last 30 years, and my own experience means I can honestly say that in every decade of my life since my 30’s, “this is the best I have ever felt”. This is my goal for you.


My homeopathy story

Levels of Health

Levels of Health is a system of assessing the underlying level of health in an individual.  This can be an invaluable tool for any health professional and is the best guide to prognosis I have found, i.e.it is an excellent way to gauge how well an individual might fare when given any more subtle medical intervention.  It has been widely used by homeopaths in particular in recent years.  It uses indications such as previous medical history, type of pathology, family history, recent history of high fevers, (over 38 degrees), sleep position and other individualising factors to arrive at a level of health for that person’s “defence mechanism”.

Introduction to homeopathy

Homeopathy is safe, gentle and can be used by anyone. It is a system that treats the body as a whole and uses natural remedies to promote self-healing.

A homeopath will take the time to get to know your unique mental, physical and emotional makeup and find the connection between your symptoms. They can then choose a remedy appropriate to you as an individual. Find out more here.

Who can benefit

Patients have usually seen their GP first, and seek homeopathic treatment either because they continue to have symptoms, or because they experience unwanted side effects from the drugs. Sometimes people see a homeopath just because they feel unwell, and their pattern of symptoms does not fit into a particular diagnosis.

Homeopathic treatment is viewed as being complementary to conventional treatment and the two can be taken in tandem, though homeopathic remedies are ideally taken alone. People who are taking conventional drugs are advised to take them alongside the homeopathic remedy, until such time, with the agreement of their GP, this is no longer necessary. If the result is that the patient is free from taking any medicine, so much the better. This is the aim whenever possible.

Conditions it can treat

People may come to a homeopath with diagnoses such as allergies, eczema, migraines, or hormonal problems, or they may have suffered a bereavement, had a bad shock, or had an experience they are having trouble coping with. Parents may bring children with behavioural or physical symptoms. Other conditions presenting may be: arthritis, coughs, dermatitis, eating disorders, hay fever, headaches, hyperactivity, menopause, nausea, panic attacks, post-viral syndrome, PMT, psoriasis, recurrent infections, rhinitis, sinusitis, skin problems, stress, tiredness and vomiting.

Success rate

After 9 years I did an audit on my practice. Results showed that 90% of patients, who attended 3 times over a 3 month period, demonstrated between 50% and 100% improvement, both in their sense of well-being, and in their main complaint. My results to date are similar, or better! See above for conditions.

What to expect

Homeopathy is all about observation, communication and above all, listening. During a homeopathic consultation, by listening, and by taking a case history, we have a “homeopathic conversation”. The patient is encouraged to look at everything that may influence their health, such as hereditary factors, life situation, current symptoms and medical history. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the first adult consultation, and an hour for children.

Good homeopathic treatment should show clear and early signs of progress. It can often start within minutes, hours or a few days. The goal for chronic, long-standing problems is to see at least a 50% improvement in the first month.

The initial problem may be resolved with the first treatment. Typically three visits are necessary, at monthly intervals. Many people, having experienced the good results of homeopathy, make it their medicine of choice.

The remedies are given in either sucrose pills (pillules) or in liquid form:

Tablets/pillules: Remedies should not be handled, except by the patient. This avoids the risk of spoiling the remedy. They may however be crushed between two teaspoons for infants. Remedies should be dissolved under the tongue, rather than swallowed, and no food or drink taken for at least 15 minutes either side of remedy.

Liquid remedies in general: Dissolve the contents of the vial or pillule in a 500ml bottle of previously boiled or spring water. Sip the water throughout the day, shaking the bottle between sips. When you get down to 1 inch of water refill the bottle. Continue to take the remedy in this way as long as you feel it is beneficial.

Liquid form (LM potency): Sometimes a liquid may be prescribed in “LM” potency, which is considered to be the gentlest homeopathic range. Place 3 drops in half a glass of previously boiled or spring water. Stir the glass, and take one teaspoon of the mixture. Discard the rest. If no ill effects are noted, this dose may be taken direct from the bottle after a few days, and increased to twice daily to speed recovery. Tap the bottle on the palm 8 times between doses.

Coffee, mint, and strong-smelling medicinal substances, such as camphor, eucalyptus, etc. should be avoided between appointments, as these can antidote the remedy.


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle yet dynamic therapy that is easy to administer. The remedies may be safely taken with orthodox medicines and because of the ultra-high dilutions there can be no drug interactions. Homeopathy is so safe and gentle it can be used from birth onwards, and is safe to use in pregnancy


Millions of people, every day, benefit from homeopathic treatment. (1) (6) (7)

See the research page on this website for more evidence of the success and reliability of homeopathy, and The Latest Homeopathic Research.

“Homeopathy works in a non-violent way, and helps a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“The main thing is to see a good homeopath.” – George Vithoulkas

Annabel Croft on homeopathy


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Early in the day is the best time to phone (before 9.30). Please say if your call is urgent.

Cancellations: Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice may be charged.

Telephone & Zoom appointments: No charge for calls of less than 5 minutes. Where a remedy is prescribed for an acute problem (colds etc.), £15. For telephone appointments which replace a face-to-face consultation, the normal fee applies.

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Notes: I encourage my patients to maintain contact with their GP. Conventionally prescribed medicines should only be stopped after consultation with the original prescriber. It is safe to take homeopathic medicines alongside most conventional treatment.

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