Evidence Based Medicine is not a Cure -All

Dr Michael Dixon, medical director at the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health and a GP in Cullompton, Devon, hits back at homeopathy’s critics

It does get tedious. Invective after diatribe after vilification. If it’s not me they are attacking then it is anyone else who dares to disagree with their diktats.

Now Professor Edzard Ernst – a leading member of science’s militant tendency – insists on bombarding myself and like-minded colleagues in Pulse, our own journal. Read More

Homeopathy Course for Farmers Recognised

With an agriculture degree from the Royal Agriculture College, Cirencester, and a qualification in homeopathy, it was only natural that Christine Lees should turn her attention to alternative therapy for farm animals. “I had already done part of a homeopathy course before I went to Cirencester,” she says. “And I liked cows. So I put the two together for my dissertation: The role of homeopathy in the treatment of farm animals.”

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Guardian Article about Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema

…..The doctor had prescribed hydrocortisone cream and antibiotics. “The cream was so strong I was concerned about putting it on her face. The eczema came back each day … I didn’t want her to be on a steroid cream for ever.” When one of Henry’s friends suggested homeopathy, she decided to give it a go. Interestingly, her health visitor also recommended it. “The doctor said there was no cure … she would have to grow out of it. The homeopath said she could be cured,” she says.

After two monthly sessions, during which Ruqiyah was given homeopathic pills nearly every day, her eczema cleared up. “Her skin is so soft and smooth,” says Henry. “I can’t believe the results.” With treatments at around £30, Henry wishes it was available on the NHS. “We’re not rich at all,” she says, “but it is worth it.”…..click to read whole article

Dr James Le Fanu

There is something suspicious about the orchestrated campaign against the “nonsense on stilts” of homoeopathy, as it was described at this year’s BMA Conference, which then urged its (very modest) £4 million of NHS funding to be withdrawn.

The claim that there is “no evidence” of homoeopathy’s efficacy would seem to be contradicted by the many thousands of people worldwide who have benefited from its remedies. Is one to suppose they are all foolish and self-deluded? They include the former Labour cabinet minister Peter Hain, whose young son suffered severely from both eczema and asthma, for which potent modern medicines provided only modest relief.

A visit to a homoeopath brought a dramatic improvement. “His health changed completely,” says Mr Hain.

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