Timeless Ageless You

September 2019

There is a part of us that lives outside of time in the now.  As well as our stay on this planet in the physical form which is measured by the turning of the the earth and the sun and moon, there is a part of us that is ageless and timeless and which lives on after our phyiscal body dies.  That part of us dwells in the stillness which cannot be measured by time.  Spend some moments each day and take time to befriend your timeless ageless self.

Lori Granger Guided mediation

The last 4 years I have meditated every day. Previous to that I had meditated form time to time, “when I had time”. About 6 years ago in response to a colleague’s question about how my day was going, I found myself saying, ‘good, my day is always better when I meditate”. Still I did not meditate every day. Then at the beginning of 2014, I decided to try meditating every day. Why not make every day a better day?

Here is a guided mediation by Lori Granger that has proved poplular in our weekly Qigong class in Horsham:

Qigong Thoughts March 2017

March 2017:

In my Qigong class today we had a short discussion about the main differences between Tai Chi and Qigong.  The consensus from those who do both, was that Tai Chi encourages more Fire (heart) energy, while Qigong encourages more Water (kidney) energy.  For me it is the balance that is important

Qigong as well as encouraging core strength, flexibility, balance, resilience, fortitude and patience is also a way to explore our relationship both with ourselves and the Tao.   Here is the first verse from the Tao te Ching by Lao-Tzu.

This is taken from a book by Dr Wayne Dyer: Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life, which is a book I really enjoyed reading, and one I refer back to regularly.

Meet the Snooks


The Snooks have arrived!

Homeopathy Awareness Week 14-21 June 2014

To launch Homeopathy Awareness Week 2014, the Snooks will be championing the health benefits of homeopathy.
The Snooks are colourful cartoon characters appearing in three short animated films aimed at providing potential patients with basic information about homeopathy.
Commissioned in association with the umbrella group 4Homeopathy, the animations deliver three simple messages about homeopathy:
  • homeopathy is about treating the individual
  • homeopathy works
  • millions of people successfully use homeopathy
The films will be launched on YouTube on 14th June 2014, the first day of Homeopathy Awareness Week.



Tuesday 22nd January 2014:

Recently I have seen a couple of cases of people who came for help with specific fears.  One was fear of flying in an adult, and one fear of dogs in a child.  I am happy to report that both cases have responded in a first class way.  Although in the homeopathic literature there are many references to remedies with fears, I have rarely been asked to treat specific fears.  It makes me think that my practice could help more people who have specific fears.  The fear of dogs came on after a bad experience with a dog, and the fear of flying was unrelated to a bad flying experience.

Over 100 million people use Homeopathy in India – over 400,000 practitioners, 13,000 Homeopathic Dr’s qualify every year

Homeopathy as a reliable means of treatment is gaining ground in India since it is safe and builds on the goodness of zero-side-effect. Read more

According to a recent AC Nielson survey, while 62 per cent of the current homeopathy users have never tried allopathy, 82 per cent of homeopathy users would not switch to conventional treatments.

Critical report on homeopathy called into question

Critical report on homeopathy called into question

A new website has been launched that questions the conclusions of the House of Commons Science and Technology (S&T) committee’s “evidence check” report on homeopathy. For journalists and public alike www.homeopathyevidencecheck.org offers an opportunity to fully understand the nature of this controversial report and to reach a more balanced conclusion.

Good medicine: homeopathy

It is truly remarkable the level of ignorance involved in this debate, with critics of homeopathy showing their true love of mediocrity, conformism and brain-dead enforcement of orthodoxy (dogma) – with enthusiasm that would make an Inquisitor blush. Read More