Free 15 Minute Appointment

If you are not sure about going ahead with a homeopathic treatment, and would like to come in and talk it over, I offer a free 15 minute consultation. You can come in and meet me, and I can explain the benefits of the homeopathic approach, and give an idea of the probable results, and time scale.

Homeopathy Fees Horsham(from February 2018)

1st Consultation
Adults £85
Children (16 and under) £60

Follow ups:
Adults £50
Children £40

Prepay for 3 sessions (bacs or PayPal) includes first consultation:
Adult £135.00 (saving £50)
Child £95.00 (saving £45)

Alternative fee structure: £40 per half hour or part thereof for families.

Homeopathy Fees Teddington (from February 2018)

1st Consultation
Adults £95
Children (16 and under) £60

Follow ups:
Adults £60
Children £50

Cancellations: Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged.

Acute Consultations

Homeopathy is a very effective therapy for coughs and colds. If you would like treatment for a one off “acute” condition like this (as opposed to a recurrent problem you have) I offer a 15 minute appointment for £20. Just phone or email to book if you would like your cough or cold treated homeopathically.


Click here for a list of companies who cover homeopathic treatment

Telephone appointments

For calls of less than 5 minutes no charge. Where a remedy is prescribed for an acute problem (colds etc.) £15. For telephone appointments which replace a face to face consultation, the normal fee applies.


Group Class: £10.00 per class, or £28 for 4 weeks in advance, or £40 for Qigong and meditation 4 weeks in advance.
Individual tuition: £30 per hour  At your home in Horsham area: £40 per person per hour, or small group £75 per hour

Mindful Meditation:

Group Class: £5.00 per class, or £18 4 weeks in advance.  Individual tuition: £15 per half hour session at New Street Clinic (you can learn a simple meditation technique – observing your breath in half an hour).  £30 per half hour within 5 miles of New Steet, or 3 miles of Teddington