What is Homeopathy?


hahnemannstatueWe do not heal diseases but instead help individuals to rebalance their body.

In homeopathy we do not treat diseases or problems per se, we treat the people who are suffering from diseases or who have problems. The homeopathic remedy aims to cause a reaction in the patient. The reaction seems to intensify the patient’s response to the problem. Professor George Vithoulkas recently stated that homeopathy is the deepest and yet most gentle stimulation possible for the human immune system (it also works on animals).

Medicines have always been used in a homeopathic way, though the term homeopathy is only a little over 200 years old. It literally means treating like with like. Although the body is always trying balance itself, it sometimes seems as if it mounts an incorrect healing response, or “runs the wrong program” and gets stuck in a pattern if disease. It seems as if our bodies will sometimes run “old programs” that they have previously found effective in similar circumstances. This may then lead to a pattern where the same symptoms keep recurring, with the body seemingly unable to help itself. The homeopathic remedy seems to give the body the correct information, so that it can make a better healing response, or adapt better to the problem. The result is a reduction in symptoms and a feeling of increased well-being, as the body begins to cure itself.

How we think it works

bottleflowerThe basic principle of homeopathy is to treat “like with like”. What this means is that the body needs certain information in order to overcome its disease. This information has to be “similar” in type in order to help the process of healing. Again this is logical if we are trying to encourage the body’s attempt to get better. Once given the “similar” remedy the body acts on this information in the correct direction i.e. the natural process of healing that it is attempting. The body therefore is enabled to make a stronger and more successful attempt at healing itself.

Homeopathy works. In more than thirty years of professional practice I have seen it help people to overcome a huge variety of acute and chronic diseases. More and more people are experiencing the wonderful effects of classical homeopathy in restoring their health, vitality and well-being.

It is safe. Educate yourself about it, see how safe it is. It can be used safely at all stages of life from infancy to old age. It is even perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. Try it and you might just find it will revolutionise your family’s health.

Many people do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs which, although often helpful, are often not curative and may have harmful side effects. Homeopathy offers an reliable, successful, and safe complementary resource.

Homeopathy is now the most widely used and trusted alternative system of medicine in the UK, and indeed it is the 2nd most commonly used system of medicine in the world, with over 500 million people regularly using homeopathy. Increasingly being accepted into mainstream medicine, it remains the only alternative medicine incorporated into the NHS. This was achieved by a 1952 Act of Parliament after the phenomenal success and reputation homeopathy gained in treating epidemic diseases in the 19th century. The results were so impressive that the Act was passed with the subsequent establishment of 5 NHS homeopathic hospitals. This Act secures, by law, the provision of homeopathy within the NHS.

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