Comments from Patients and Students:


“Hi Phil,
I have attempted Meditation on and off for a number of years, sadly more off than on!  However. Since attending your classes I have felt more inspired.  Your group meditation brought with it a discipline and an energy being with like minded people.  Meditation is many things; it allows you to still the mind from the constant chatter, ‘check in with your body’ as you say and it teaches you to breath when life is stressful.  It connects you to mindfulness, calmness and an ability to know what is truly important in life.I sincerely thank you Phil for reminding me of all of the above and a better quality of life.” Cia April 2023

“Hi Phil
Thanks for another great morning’s meditation.
I have written a few thoughts down which I hope will be beneficial to others . Feel free to add to your website if you feel appropriate.
Why I meditate –
Meditating brings me a great sense of calmness to my body.
Starting the day with meditation is so beneficial as no busy thoughts have crept into my mind and I can be reflective and still, often drifting off to a happy peaceful place but still being in the moment.
The breathing techniques help to keep me focussed and I find if distractions start to creep in I once again return to the breathing to just ‘being’.
Meditating for just a few minutes at any time of the day when things are becoming too much and your mind is racing helps to reset you back to the calmness.
Even at bedtime if it is hard to get to sleep a few minutes of breathing and visualization of happy thoughts or happy places is a great way to unwind from the day and empty your mind for a restful sleep.
There are no rules as to how one should meditate but for me it is a time when nothing else matters and I can observe and reflect on my feelings and listen to my body and give it some love and attention.
Hope the above will be useful.Kind regards and thanks for sharing your meditation time, I am really enjoying it.”
Elaine March 2023

“My first introduction to meditation was with Phil and I’m so grateful for his teaching and sharing of practice with me.  Through regular meditations, it brought stillness to my life and I became more present, appreciating little things in ways I never had before. It has taught me to reflect inwards and to be conscious of my emotions before reacting to situations with others.  I can’t thank Phil enough for showing me this discovery and the positive impacts it has had on my life and to those around me” J January 2023

The following statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people I have treated. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe that homeopathy works. You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy. This may of course be coincidence, but I have been privileged to observe a very high percentage of such coincidences over 30 years of practice.

Broken and separating nails, hair loss, sinusitis

Before I started visiting Phil I was suffering from a long list issues.
Amongst them were issues which were lasting for many years: broken and separating nails, hair loss, sinusitis which periodically was treated with antibiotics, debilitating headache, hip joint pain, weakness, and all of those were aggravated by sudden death of the closest member of my family.
The change which happened to me after taking the first set of medications, prescribed by Phil worked miraculously. I felt energetic and started to enjoy life like I did 20-25 years ago. During 6 months Philip skilfully dealt with practically all my problems and now I am in the best health condition I’ve been in 20 years.
I am amazed how painless the treatment was, and how few pills I needed.
The most unexpected development was the kind and grown-up relationship I have developed with my son. According to him homeopathy has changed my personality for the better.
During all visits I felt heard and relevant in the peaceful atmosphere created by Phill.
Thank you, Phill for your professionalism and kindness!

Anxiety, sleeplessness, impulsivity

My family and I have been seeing Phil for 4 years and cannot recommend him enough. He is kind, compassionate and insightful. My eldest son suffered with high levels of anxiety, sleeplessness and impulsivity. With homeopathy he functions as any typical 9 year old, he’s caught up in school and takes part in clubs. Now I would not have a life without homeopathy after seeing such an impact on the health and happiness on all of our family.

Hay fever, eczema, asthma
“I was recommended by a friend to try Phil’s homeopath services, as for years I had suffered with hay fever, asthma and eczema, and had no real relief from these ongoing symptoms.
I didn’t know a lot about homeopathy but was up for trying a different method, having previously always used prescription creams and medications to help with my condition. 
In my initial meeting, Phil was really thorough in getting to know all my previous medical history (much more thorough than my doctors) and more about my character to understand my medical condition. He is very sincere and kind in his approach, making it clear and easy to understand your own condition and how to treat it.
The homeopath remedies worked really well, and 6 years later after first being introduced, I’m still using Phil’s services as they have always worked well for me.
His hay fever remedies have been the only ones to get me through the season, in comparison to previously where I have taken many prescription medicines, to which have never given me a sense of relief. He’s been a regular contact for me, whenever my allergies have flared up and always been at hand to support and help me. Really advise using both Phil and his homeopath remedies, for his professional and down to earth approach, thanks to him my hayfever, asthma and eczema has been a lot more manageable.”
Natalia Atkins
“I was first introduced to Phil / homeopathy when my daughter developed eczema at the age of 2. Steroid creams proved unsuccessful in treating the problem, and after using homeopathy my daughter is almost eczema free. I saw results very quickly. I, since then, have used homeopathy to treat other members of the family with ailments such as ear infections, UTI’s, and Vertigo with very positive results. I would highly recommend Phil”.

Px 807 Childhood Warts. Prior to seeing me, for 3 years had 10 large warts on fingers & thumbs. After 5 months 2 remained, and were diminishing. 9 months after last consultation none remain. Treatment consisted of 4 consultations over 5 months - her mum says:

“She is so so pleased with the results. It’s hard to believe when you look at how confident she has become that they were all over her hands for so long. We are both truly grateful and always sing the praises of homeopathy. Glad to hear you are happy in your new home and office. We will be in touch if we ever need you again”

Patient 807 Childhood Warts

Having spent twelve months taking antibiotics for acne treatment under the care of a dermatologist my sixteen year old son’s acne was no better and worse still he had inflammation of the gut, and so was also under the care of a gastroenterologist. He had a loss of confidence, was often extremely frustrated and was unhappy and uncommunicative. We sought help from Philip for the physical problems but Philip identified the emotional side within the first ten minutes of the initial consultation. After the first remedy prescribed we saw a dramatic emotional improvement and after two further treatments we now have a very happy, emotionally balanced son again - what a relief. And guess what? Both the gut and the acne have improved too! Thank you so much Philip, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you

Patient 854 Acne/ Depression/ Gut

Constant itching at base of skull: Due to pace of life I tend to go for quick fixes and keep myself going with alternative means. Homeopathy seems to be a long term treatment and I feel that one needs to be a able to give it time and space to work. 50% improvement after first month.

Patient 583
Eczema & Skin

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Patient 566
Eczema & Skin

hi phill sorry didnt get back sooner - am feeling so different since my remedy - it worked quite quickly came home and slept for 5 hours in the afternoon - and just feel so much better in myself and emotionally and mentally feel stronger and back to my normal self! - the excema has nearly gone and feel am able to not just cope but to get on and do well - as for period pains don't know yet.

Patient 582
Eczema & Skin

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Patient 558
Allergies & HayFever

Here's a quick update about my son. The drops that you sent have done the trick - he seems to have transformed into a new boy. All those little issues that have hampered him for so long seem to have disappeared and he is considerably more cooperative, willing to work, he's calmer, more sensible, more considerate and he could concentrate more easily. Fingers crossed for the exam results! He's been in Holland for the last 10 days or so, he's found a job - but needs a work permit (!) before he can start. He seems to be sorting that out as well with very little or no help. This should really help with his self confidence. All in all, I would like to think that from now on things will be going more smoothly for him. Thank you so much for your help. I have no idea why we didn't come and see you years ago!

Patient 657
Allergies & HayFever

I was especially pleased with the fact that I was able to refuse anti-depressants last autumn when suffering from anxiety and depression, and felt hugely better as a result of a homeopathic remedy. Although the consultations can be challenging, they do reveal possibly unpalatable truths about one's lifestyle and can prompt change, or a new way of looking at problems. Also during the treatment for anxiety as above, it was interesting that the remedy which I initially took in a high concentration provoked palpitations, which had been the nastiest symptom of the anxiety, Although it was a bit alarming I adjusted the concentration with the homeopath's guidance, and the drops were then very effective. I thought the episode did give lie to the argument that remedies are so dilute no-one would ever feel the effects!

Patient 302
Anxiety and Depression

hi phill sorry didnt get back sooner - am feeling so different since my remedy - it worked quite quickly came home and slept for 5 hours in the afternoon - and just feel so much better in myself and emotionally and mentally feel stronger and back to my normal self! - the excema has nearly gone and feel am able to not just cope but to get on and do well - as for period pains don't know yet.

Patient 582
Anxiety and Depression

Relief from indigestion, ankle and wrist ligament stiffness - burning sensation in feet and ankles. My horse has been successfully treated for itching.

Patient 452

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Patient 347
Downs Syndrome

General digestive upset with tremendous tiredness, unable to do very much at all without needing to lie down: Homeopathy has proved successful for me in the past. I especially like feeling I am treated as an individual. GP's often prescribe drugs which quite often create other problems, so I personally prefer to try a more gentle remedy first.

Patient 103
General feeling of unwellness (no medical diagnosis)

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Patient 584

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Patient 552
Hot Flushes (menopause)

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Patient 507
Hot Flushes (menopause)

Within a week I began to notice a slight improvement in the night sweats and by 2 weeks they and the day time flushes had completely disappeared. For the first time in several months I slept properly and so did my husband as we no longer had to have all the windows open and a fan running! Giving up coffee at the same time was hard but I am sure helped, I feel a new woman!

Patient 212
Hot Flushes (menopause)

2 weeks after 1st remedy had MMR vaccine, followed by 2 week fever and complete loss of appetite. Here is the email I received from the mother 7 hours after the 2nd remedy, 15 days after MMR vaccine.
"Just thought I’d let you know about the miracle baby ... after seeing you she went to sleep. Normally has a 3-4 hour nap but woke up after an hour and a half, which she never does. She ate one whole jar and that was enough for her and now has just eaten a normal size dinner ... what a difference after 2 weeks of eating nothing!! Thanks! Cheque is in the post and should arrive tomorrow.

Patient 626
Adverse Vaccination Reaction (MMR)

I have used homeopathy myself and on my children, my horses and dog for over 15 years, with the help of Geoff Johnson in Somerset when it needed a more experienced view, and I can only say that our visits to doctors and vets between us over that time have been very infrequent. My children were too young to know what type of treatment they received to begin with and my animals clearly can't understand, but there is no question that homeopathy has resolved a whole cross section of health issues, some of which conventional medicine failed to address. It saddens me greatly that today many doctors are not open minded enough to see that complementary medicine has a part to play and seek to damn it entirely. I believe time and scientific advance will prove them wrong.
Good Luck

Victoria Bott
Adverse Vaccination Reaction (MMR)

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