About Phil

About Philip Edmonds

Philip has continued to update his healing skills since first studying homeopathy in the mind 1980’s.  He has a daily pracrice which includes meditation and Tai chi and Qigong, and is currently training in CranioSacral Integration with CCST.

From 2009 to 2015 Philip was a Director of the Society of Homeopaths, and in a former life a founder member of Futon Company. Phil is one of just a handful of homeopaths in the UK who has trained extensively with George Vithoulkas, arguably the greatest living homeopath, and a huge influence on modern homeopathy around the world. See www.vithoulkas.com

Philip has practised homoeopathy since 1988, when he graduated from The School of Homoeopathy in Devon, after the initial 3 years of study. Thousands of people have successfully consulted Philip over the years, for many widely ranging problems.  If you would like a free 15 minute chat on Zoom to see if you could benefit from a consultation click here

Continuing professional development

2017: Dr Paul Herscu Seminar, West Yorkshire.

2016: Erik van Woensel Seminar, London.

2015: 5 day course with Vithoulkas in Alonissos, Greece, 4 days with Erik van Woensel, 2 days with Paul Herscu.

2014 March & November: 2 x 2 day cases and Levels of Health Seminar with Erik van Woensel.

2013 April: Society of Homeopaths Spring Conference, workshop on the use of homeopathy in pregnancy and childbirth.

2013 March: Rajan Sankaran Live Cases Seminar, London.

1995 – 2012: Open Seminar in Alonissos, Greece, attending in the capacity of student and assistant to Prof. George Vithoulkas. This course is an advanced course for homeopaths and doctors, dealing with people with challenging health issues, who have always previously consulted widely about their health issues.

2012: Jonathan Hardy MD Seminar, London. Various case histories.

2012: Paul Herscu Seminar specializing in children with ADHD.

2011: Al Gray & Brian Caplan Case Taking 2, London.

2010: Al Gray & Brian Caplan Case Taking, London.

2010: Jeremy Sherr Homeopathy Seminar, York.

2001: Bombay Seminar with Rajan Sankaran, also sat in and prescribed at Dr Farokh Master’s clinic.

1990-1995: Various UK seminars including Rajan Sankaran, Subrata Banerjee.

1988/89: Paul Herscu Seminars, London.

1988-current: Society of Homeopaths annual conferences.

1994-2003: Irish Homeopathic Conferences.

Other homeopathic work

Phil has taught many workshops to homeopaths specialising in the use of computer software to assist them in their practice. He also taught at the following homeopathic colleges: Burren School, Galway; UCLAN, Preston; NWCH Manchester.

2013: Assisted Erik van Woensel with proofreading the 2nd volume of his work, Homeopathic Medicine, Evidence Based Medicine.

2001: Remedy Relationships by Thomas Blasig and Peter Vint, published English translation and publication of a book with mainly German references with Hanna Waldbaum.

Computer Software
1994-2017: Assisted the Radar Homeopathic software project with various tasks including the current root and branch search function, beta testing various versions and assisting with the user interface on various parts of the program.

Attended meetings in Belgium, Germany and latterly Italy to discuss developments in the program.

For many years Phil was a member of the Society of Homeopaths, but has recently decided to opt out of the SOH and is now insured with Balens, who specialise in Complementary Health care.